Who are we?

Pillexa is a platform offering proprietary software and services to help support direct
to consumer healthcare brands that need to establish, or scale their ecommerce
business. Let Pillexa bring your brand to new markets by seamlessly integrating
with our board certified prescriber networks and licensed pharmacy networks.
We got you.

The Ecosystem

Step 1
Your customer selects a prescription product on your branded storefront and fills out our white-labeled intake form. Our physicians validate the prescription, communicating securely with your customer via HIPAA/PIPEDA-compliant chat or phone. The prescription is then sent directly to the pharmacy for fulfillment.
Step 2
The pharmacy partner receives the prescription via the Pillexa platform. As the pharmacy fulfils the order, they can communicate directly with the physician or patient as required.
Step 3
The pharmacy will send notifications of the order once it’s packed and ready to ship with the brand packaging. The pharmacy authorizes the delivery partner to ship the product and sends tracking updates. 
Flowchart showing pillexa's all-in-one healthcare solution, integrating physician network, pharmacy network, and medication delivery
Flowchart showing pillexa's all-in-one healthcare solution, integrating physician network, pharmacy network, and medication delivery

What do we do?

Choose from our full suite of services or pick individual services that suit your needs.
Pillexa Storefront Ecosystem
Storefront Ecosystem
We can easily build your marketing website from scratch. Your own customized storefront.
Payment Gateway
ID Verifiction
HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant chat
Prescriber Services
Prescriber Services
Use our established physician network for easy prescription processing.
Multiple verticals
Direct to customer chat/text/phone
Admin chat for brand
Extended Network
Prescription services
Pharmacy Fulfillment
Utilize our expansive pharmacy networks across Canada
Transparent Pricing
Specially compounded medications, cold-chain certified shipping and experienced Narcotic fulfillment
Nationwide delivery
Customized Packaging
Real time order status updates
Consult with us for personalized insights and solutions.
LegitScript certification
Branding, SEO
Customized Products
Pricing Validation

Interested in utilizing our pharmacy fulfillment services exclusively?

Why Choose Us?

Easy to Launch
Get your storefront up and running within days using our full platform service.
Extensive Network
Access our expansive prescriber and pharmacy networks to choose the  best option for your business.
Easy to Integrate
We are a developer’s dream. Instantly get up and running with our API documentation and/or web form that connects to our ecosystem.
Easy to Scale
Easily add more verticals or launch in different countries with the same platform.
Partner Support
Treat us as your in house ops/growth team. We will be guiding you along the way on what needs to be done.


Discover answers to frequently asked questions that many of our customers have about our services, processes, and more. If you don't find the information you're looking for, feel free to contact us below.
What does Pillexa offer?

Proprietary software and services that enable brands to launch their product to market by removing any and or all barriers. From custom storefront, to intake, checkout, compliance, prescriber networks, pharmacy fulfillment partners and logistics across the country within days. Incredibly fast. 

What additional services are offered to a brand?

Additionally to our core offering, Pillexa can help consult in a full suite of services, including website development, API integration, verification implementation, payment processing, and expedited compliance (LegitScript).

How does Pillexa support brands?

Simple. We help connect brands to our ecosystem that involves a three-step process: customers connect with physicians through a white-labeled intake form, prescriptions are validated and sent to pharmacies, and the pharmacy handles prescription fulfillment and shipping with tracking updates. Need support in only one of the processes? No problem, you choose where you fit in the ecosystem. And if you aren’t sure, then we’ll guide you.

How does Pillexa help with prescription approval, processing and fulfillment?

Pillexa provides access to a vetted board licensed physician network using HIPAA/PEPIDA compliant measures while offering asynchronous review and messaging for an easy prescription approval process. This applies to multiple medication verticals. Pillexa facilitates processing and fulfillment through vetted pharmacy networks across North America, ensuring transparent pricing and customized packaging with real-time order status updates.

Can Pillexa help set up my business?

Absolutely. If there is a vertical you are interested in, Pillexa offers consultation services on the business viability (unit economics), build out of your site, covering the setup and process required to complete an intake questionnaire and checkout. In addition, Pillexa collaborates with external partners that can help assist  in the R&D, compliance alignment, payment processing setup, legal insights, medication procurement and packaging.

Why choose Pillexa?

Pillexa boasts an experienced team with more than 50 years of knowledge and practice in healthcare and technology. Using our platform via a single API connection, your brand has access to a network of prescribers and pharmacies across multiple countries allowing brands to scale effortlessly by adding more verticals or launching in different countries conveniently.

What types of brands or verticals work with Pillexa?

Pillexa caters to a diverse range of brands, from startups to established companies. This includes brands with verticals such as customized compound products, cold chain, narcotics and controlled substances or regular solid dosage forms. Our ideal customers are established brands looking to expand to new markets such as Canada or the US.

How does Pillexa ensure security of data?

Pillexa follows HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-2 compliance standards to secure customer prescription information, ensuring a safe and confidential process.

What happens if there are issues that arise during the fulfillment process?

Pillexa offers a secure closed loop communication system. This means that the prescriber, pharmacy, support or customer can address any questions or concerns promptly.

What makes the clinician/physician network reliable?

Pillexa's vetted physician networks are fully licensed prescribers in North America who offer asynchronous messaging and support for multiple medication verticals without any hidden setup costs.

How does Pillexa ensure transparent pricing?

Pillexa only partners with trusted pharmacies that have demonstrated their capabilities to transparently present costing for all products within our database. Subsequently, Pillexa provides an additional layer of guidance for better insights and optimization.

What ongoing support is offered after a launch?

Pillexa acts as your in-house operations and growth team, offering ongoing guidance as well as prescriber and pharmacy support to ensure the success of your brand.Pillexa provides recommendations based on its extensive network, helping you make informed decisions for your business.

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